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Prince's Trust Group

Global Founding Patron His Highness the Aga Khan

The Prince’s Trust Group is working in partnership with the Aga Khan Development Network.

The Prince’s Trust Group’s mission is to transform lives and build sustainable communities across the world.

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Now in its fifth decade, The Prince’s Trust is expanding its operations from the United Kingdom to the global stage – the most significant expansion of The Trust’s work since its creation – to tackle global youth unemployment.

The Prince’s Trust is now operating in Australia, Barbados, Canada, Greece, Jordan, Malta, Pakistan, India and New Zealand under four separate charity entities known as The Prince’s Trust Group: Prince’s Trust International, Prince’s Trust Canada, Prince’s Trust Australia and Prince’s Trust New Zealand.

The Prince’s Trust Group is helping young people like:

Eirini Antonpolou

Eirini Antonpolou

Eirini, a Get into graduate from Greece, changed her life by taking part in our employability programme.

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Jay McArthur

Jay McArthur

After being diagnosed with PTSD, Jay, from Canada, struggled to settle into everyday life - until he joined our Enteprise programme. 

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The Prince’s Trust Group shares the successful programmes and expertise of The Prince’s Trust in the UK which has helped more than 900,000 young people to transform their lives in the UK, giving them the skills and confidence to live, learn and earn.

While The Prince's Trust in the UK supports around 70,000 young people helping them to live, learn and earn, Prince's Trust International aims to support 100,000 over the next five years, as it expands its work into West Africa and Asia. Prince’s Trust Australia supports young people, veterans and Enterprise as well as a built environment project in Sydney. Prince’s Trust Canada is supporting young people, veterans and Enterprise as well as Indigenous languages. Prince’s Trust New Zealand will support young people, particularly those based in schools, and will help others bridge the gap between education and employment. Prince’s Trust America also joins the Group this year.

The Prince’s Trust Group’s ambitious strategy to reach even more young people means the Group is constantly seeking opportunities to work in new countries and also to support the growing number of refugees who have been displaced from their homelands for whatever reason. The Group will soon be launching Prince’s Trust America to build relationships with supporters as well as support young people in the US in the future.

The Group also has plans to use digital programmes to increase the reach and accessibility of our work.

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