We’re proud to reveal our Team programme, which gives young people the skills and confidence to find work, created £90 million in social value in the UK in just one year, according to independent research.

Team, the 12-week personal development course, supported by Barclays, helped over 10,000 disadvantaged young people in the UK to discover new abilities through teamwork in the community during the last financial year*.

Three in four of the young people moved into work, education or training within three months of completing the programme**.

The research, by NEF Consulting and supported exclusively by Barclays, attributes the £90 million social worth created in the UK by the scheme to the value of helping young people into work or to engage with education, with fewer people being on benefits or in trouble with the law as a result of their participation in the programme, as well as the value of the community work they complete while taking part in it.

According to the research, every pound invested in the Team programme created £2.99 in social value. This is partly attributed to the community work young people undertook during their time on the programme, with each project generating an average of £3,600 value*.

Michelle Wheeler, National Programme Manager for Team said: “This research proves that in just one year, our Team programme has helped thousands of young people to take control of their lives and has ultimately boosted the local economy. We want to help more unemployed young people.

Thanks to supporters like Barclays and all our fantastic local partners and volunteers, we are able to run the team programme in hundreds of locations across the UK, so can continue to help even more young people to turn their lives around.

Kathleen Britain, Head of UK Community Investment at Barclays said: "As a partner of The Prince’s Trust and the largest ever corporate supporter of the Team programme, we’ve seen the huge difference The Trust makes to young people’s lives.

"This research confirms just how important it is to help the next generation develop the skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential."

The community project is a vital component of the Team programme, giving young people the chance to build their confidence and skills through social action whilst also making a strong contribution to the communities in which they live.

The research shows the extent to which the community project alters perceptions of young people, increases community spirit and improves community spaces. It also highlights the wider benefits the Team programme brings, such as savings to the State when young people seize the opportunities afforded by the programme and turn away from lives which might otherwise have been blighted by unemployment, crime or poor mental health.

Download the Creating Impact in Communities report (PDF, 2mb)

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from NEF Consulting. Data on financial value to the community comes from a survey conducted by NEF Consulting in March 2015. The Social Return on Investment analysis is based on data from a cohort of 9157 young people who completed the Team programme who received outcomes surveys between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2014.

*NEF’s research shows each community project undertaken by young people generated the equivalent of £3,600 total gross investment in their community. This includes an average £300 of fundraising and in kind support and around 500 hours of work which has been valued at minimum wage.

**These figures come from The Prince’s Trust’s own records.