Last month, Marks and Spencer re-launched their Sparks reward scheme, and The Prince's Trust is now included on the list of 35 charities that you can opt in to support. Every time you shop with your Sparks card, Marks and Spencer will donate 1p per transaction to your chosen charity. To help young people reach their potential every time you shop, sign up to the Sparks reward scheme and nominate The Prince's Trust as your chosen charity here.

Ben Marson, Director of Partnerships - Corporate & Government at The Prince's Trust says: 

It is fantastic to have The Prince's Trust represented on the M&S Sparks rewards scheme and foro ur supporters to be able to help young people across the UK whilst shopping at M&S. Throughout our 16 years of partnership, M&S have supported thousands of young people to develop skills and start a career. Their Marks and Start emplyability programmes with The Trust ensure that young people have the opportunity to thrive, and with our new representation on the Sparks Card scheme we can share the impact of our partnership even more widely. It's the invaluable commitment shown by such partners that has allowed The Trust to support more than 950,000 young people to date, and we look forward to working with M&S to help even more young people over the years to come.

Marks and Spencer have been a long-standing corporate partner since 2004, with our first Marks and Start programme having launched in July 2013, which saw jobs offered to all young people who passed each element of the programme. M&S continue to support up to 1,000 young people annually across the UK with their employability programmes, with over 70% of young people going into temporary employment with M&S immediately after the programme.

Marks and Spencer help young people, like Charlotte, to increase their confidence and find stable employment.

"Before the programme I was out of work and looking for employment. MY last job was at Christmas 2018 in a Customer Advisor role, but it shortly ended at the beginning of 2019." 

Charlotte was having no luck with interviews, but dreamed of finding a job she could stay in long-term and build a career, hopefully becoming a manger one day. She eventually found the Marks and Start programme with M&S.

"The programme helped me to learn a lot more about job interviews and how to really sell yourself to the employer. The programme also helped me to learn what an employer is looking for in an employee." 

After the programme, Charlotte secured a fixed term contract with M&S and her confidence has soared.

The programme really helped my confidence to come back. The programme also helped me to come ut of my shell more since I am a shy and quiet person.

Thank you to Marks and Spencer for including The Prince's Trust on their Sparks reward scheme, enabling supporters to help young people every single day.