Sarah Owens is a Prince’s Trust mentor and we caught up with her to find out more about her role and how it's been so far. 

Prince’s Trust (PT): How long have you mentored for The Trust? 

Sarah Owens (SO): Just over a year.

(PT): What role(s) do you currently have at The Trust?

(SO): I’m currently a Next Steps Mentor, helping potential entrepreneurs on their journey to starting their own business.   I’ve also mentored on the Mosaic Secondary School Programme which aims to help build confidence, self-efficacy and employability.

Prince’s Trust (PT): What made you want to volunteer with The Trust?

(SO): I share The Trust’s commitment to helping young people achieve their potential and I love the fact that the work we do is so practical and effective. 

Prince’s Trust (PT): What has been a highlight since volunteering with The Trust?

(SO): Being told by one of my mentees how helpful our meetings had been and how much he appreciated my advice and guidance.

Prince’s Trust (PT): Please share one story that highlights the work you have done with young people at The Trust?

(SO): Probably my meetings with one particular mentee.  At the start of our first meeting she was quite reserved, didn’t make eye contact and seemed far from confident.  By our final one she was engaged, full of smiles and enthusiastic about the future.   

Prince’s Trust (PT): ​What do you think the top 3 qualities of a volunteer at The Trust?

(SO): In no particular order: positivity, the ability to listen, enthusiasm.

Prince’s Trust (PT): ​What skills from your work life have you used during your time volunteering?

(SO):As a recruiter my interviews were always about asking the right questions, listening and helping my candidates identify their skills, working with them to build their confidence.   

I’m also a marketing specialist and this knowledge is useful when helping mentees develop their Business Plan.   

Plus I’ve run my own business so I hope I have a good sense of what’s needed and how to make money.

Prince’s Trust (PT): What one word would you use to sum up your volunteer experience/journey so far?  

(SO): Stimulating.