During London Tech Week, events across the capital celebrate the benefits and challenges of technology and the tech industry and The Prince's Trust has been popping up all over the place.

After six months intensive development and road testing with an initial cohort of young people who would otherwise not be able to receive support from The Trust, Prince’s Trust Online is now ready to be accessed more widely. We took the opportunity to talk about our exciting new development to an audience of tech insiders.

Our new platform will provide a new way for vulnerable young people to access our services. The portal will allow young people to benefit from our programmes even if they can’t attend in person because of where they live, or their personal circumstances.

Speaking on the main stage at the TechXLR8 stage, our CIO David Ivell was joined by Ellie Bradley, COO of founding patron Nominet, who talked about why the power of technology should be available to everyone, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances.

David Ivell, said:

Prince’s Trust Online will give anyone, anywhere and in any circumstance, the chance to complete a programme at their own speed, but with the full support we pride ourselves on delivering face-to-face.

Completing the line-up was Duane Jackson who was supported by The Trust to found a tech business after spending time in prison. He has since gone on to sell his enterprise and became a member of our Enterprise Fellowship and supporter of The Trust.

The new platform, supported by founding patrons Nominet  and NatWest, will mean that thousands more young people will be able to receive support to overcome barriers in their lives.

From July, we will be significantly increasing the amount of young people accessing the platform, rolling out to full capacity in the coming months.

The platform has launched with a digital version of the Enterprise programme and all young people will receive the ongoing support of a dedicated volunteer e-mentor, allowing us to replicate the quality of our face-to-face programmes, ensuring the same positive outcomes for the young people involved.

Russell Haworth, CEO of founding patron Nominet said: 

Britain needs its talent, wherever they live and whatever circumstances they find themselves in, to have the confidence and support they need to make their mark. Our funding helps The Prince’s Trust extend its programmes to those who, due to other commitments or geography, would otherwise miss out.

Prince’s Trust Online marks a huge change in the way that The Prince’s Trust can support young people across the UK and the platform is the result of a year’s intensive development with support from founding patrons Nominet (the UK internet domain name registry), NatWest and content sponsor L’Oreal Paris.