Since I joined The Prince’s Trust Cymru, I’ve met so many young entrepreneurs who said that starting their own business was the best decision they ever made - but entrepreneurship is by no means easy.

In today’s world, life can be tough for the younger generation. Despite having the determination and willingness to find jobs, so many young people aren’t being given the chance to prove their worth, which can have a detrimental effect on their self-esteem and their future. It is crucial to encourage these individuals that there is always a path to achieving success.

Our Enterprise programme has supported over 80,000 young people to realise their dream of working for themselves. This has had a huge impact in Wales, not only on the young people, but in the communities where they live. Young entrepreneurs provide products and services that fulfil a local need and as businesses grow, jobs are created for other people, breaking unemployment cycles and fuelling local economies.

From gardening to graphic design, baking to beauty therapy, young people have followed their passions and reaped the rewards that come with being self-employed.

While there are always potential obstacles, such as managing your own finances and potentially, a lack of regular income, self-employment is for many the ultimate goal when it comes to working life.

Enterprise provides budding entrepreneurs with three key ingredients. The first is a series of workshops which helps to train the young people in various aspects of business. The second component is funding, which enables the young person to kick-start their venture. Finally, and arguably most importantly, we provide mentoring. Our experienced business mentors help to guide the young people, offering advice that money can’t buy. Whether it’s helping to put together a business plan, organising finances or scrutinising ideas, our mentors are there to offer their support and expertise every step of the way.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody and that’s fine. But like with anything, you don’t necessarily know until you’ve tried it. That’s why we offer free information days for young people to come and find out how it works.

If setting up a business isn’t the right choice, We offers a wide range of other programmes designed to help unemployed young people gain the skills and confidence to find work. Every young person has the potential to succeed. The Prince’s Trust Cymru is here to help unlock it.

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