In a video message released today, our Founder and President HRH The Prince of Wales says young people in the UK need help “more than ever” as he acknowledges the “potentially devastating” impact of the pandemic on youth unemployment.

The video message comes as the latest labour market statistics show how the number of young people claiming unemployment benefit has more than doubled in two months, while unemployment data shows that young people are increasingly more likely to face unemployment than the rest of the working age population.

HRH The Prince of Wales highlights the negative impact unemployment can have on young people’s lives, saying, “youth unemployment can cause a terrible downwards spiral, impacting mental health and leading to challenges such as low self-esteem, poverty, homelessness, or worse.”

The Prince’s Trust helps young people to build their confidence and skills and supports them into jobs, education and training. As part of our response to the coronavirus crisis, we recently launched a Get Hired Jobs Board, which currently has more than 250 live jobs across a range of different sectors to match employers with young people who are ready to work now.

We've also created a Coronavirus Support Hub to provide guidance and resources for young people in the challenging times ahead. Youth support workers are also available online from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week, and the face-to-face support they normally provide is now being delivered online and over the phone. Every young person who gets in touch will be offered personalised one-to-one support.

Every week, The Trust conducts hundreds of wellbeing calls and structured one-to-one sessions with young people. The charity is also running a range of online employability and enterprise sessions for groups of young people all over the UK.

HRH The Prince of Wales says:

In times of economic hardship it is often young people who are hardest hit and we know that many under twenty-fives work in sectors such as hospitality and tourism, which have borne the brunt of this crisis.

"We also know the difficulties faced by a disrupted education, a loss of entry-level jobs and rising unemployment. It is a real challenge to thrive in the midst of chaos and economic disorder, but this is why my Trust was set up – to help people to a better future."

The Trust has set up a Young People Relief Fund so that it can continue to provide young people with wellbeing advice and mentoring, support for those who are unemployed to build their confidence and skills and help for those who are missing school and college to continue their learning.