Recently, a group of young people came together to produce the New Year Gap x Kiss store radio playlist to celebrate the upcoming Future Steps challenge!

Millie, Rachael, Kalvinder, Aniq, Sam and Jonathan worked alongside the Kiss producers to create the in-store radio which is packed full of their own motivational tunes and positive messages to help promote Future Steps.

The Messages Behind the Music

The group selected tracks that empower and motivated them, and the resulting playlist is packed full of pop-hits and uplifting tunes, perfect to get you walking!  You can check it out here when it launches on 1st January 2020. Gap’s New Year radio will be broadcast across all of the Gap stores around the UK, giving us the opportunity to reach more people and inspire them to take part in Future Steps.

As well as choosing the music, the team also spent time with Kiss presenters to record their personal stories and learn more about careers in the industry!