Jon Edwards, is not new to supporting The Princes Trust as he’s taken part in couple of Palace to Palace rides. However, he’s decided he wants “to think much bigger and aim way higher!”

Jon Edwards, from Oracle, has taken on the challenge of cycling 11230km in just one year – starting his journey at Palace to Palace 2017 and completing at Palace to Palace 2018.

“I am aiming to cycle 11230 km over the next year - from Palace to Palace 2017 (1st Oct 2017) to Palace to Palace 2018 (7th Oct 2018) and raise £11,230. The distance and amount are symbolic of the age group The Prince’s Trust support (11 to 30-year-olds). My own children are right in this age group, so I feel a strong empathy and bond to this cause.”

From 9-11th June, Jon will be completing a ‘Tour De Oracle’ cycling 400km between some of Oracle’s main UK offices; Manchester, Birmingham, London and Reading. They kicked off this leg at Prince’s Trust House on the 11th of June.

John cemented his bond with The Prince's Trust, by fundraising and learning about the work The Prince’s Trust does with young people and by lending his time volunteering.

"I have so far undertaken a couple of Palace to Palace charity rides (72 km long) and raised about £500 for The Prince’s Trust. I have found it a very rewarding experience, so have decided to think much bigger and aim way higher!"

“I am also not a cyclist. I read about it, watch it on TV and drink coffee and eat cakes like real road cyclists - but I haven't done any cycling for years and am quite overweight and unfit. So, this is an enormous challenge for me.”

We wish Jon all the best on this amazing challenge!

We’re truly appreciate all our amazing riders fundraising to support 11-30 year olds, empowering them to get into jobs, education and training.