The Prince's Trust and Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation,  announced the winners of its inaugural Ideas Mean Business Awards last night - the culmination of a campaign designed to engage young people from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to take their business ideas to the next level.

Open to 18-30 year olds from a wide range of backgrounds, thousands of young people across the UK responded to the campaign and last night 24 winners were crowned, giving them access to a bespoke programme of advice, guidance, mentorship and up to £5,000 financial support.

Some of the 24 winners were presented through a series of short films created by SBTV, the ground-breaking youth organisation. The films challenge long-held cultural assumptions about young people, using footage that captures the raw untold ambition, passion and invention behind Britain’s innovative future.

Science Minister Sam Gyimah explained:

We are a nation of innovators and inventors and these awards showcase some of the greatest young talent we have in this country. We have committed a big increase in the amount we as a country invest in R&D – from 1.7% today to 2.4% by 2027. This could see an additional £80 billion spent on developing the ideas of tomorrow and supporting the next generation of disrupters and entrepreneurs.

Nick Stace, UK Chief Executive for The Prince’s Trust, commented:

We know that thousands of young people across the UK would like to start their own business, but it’s often something very simple that holds them back from taking the next step: self-belief. We hope that the Ideas Mean Business winners highlight what is possible when young people open their minds to the possibilities that confidence can unlock, including funding and – crucially – support from people who know how to help. 

Meet the #IdeasMeanBusiness Award winners

  • Adam Land, The Ground Up: Using natural building to build confidence in displaced and vulnerable adults.
  • Adam Root, Oishii Yatai Ltd.: The first regenerative washing machine filter, keeping microplastics out of the ocean.
  • Amy Paris, The London Sleep Company Ltd.: Dedicated to sleep and pursing a sleep revolution through education.
  • Angela McCauleey, Raphaella Designs: Handmade luxury cushions, using beautiful re-purposed, re-cycled fabrics.
  • Carolina Jobb, Smoke and Mirrors: Backstage tool bags for theatre industry professionals.
  • Charlotte Badkin, Sepparo: A commercial property search platform for developers.
  • Claire Skelton: Precious metal jewellery from your own treasured pieces; reforming every last speck of gold dust.
  • Emily Woodhouse, Collaborate: A cross between LinkedIn and Tindr, solving the communication gap between first time job hunters and employers.
  • Fernando Mariano, Unfinished Works: Original work inspired by their client's lives, stories and narratives.
  • Fortunate Filda Frizell, Filda: Chemical and toxin free hair colourants, hair care products and hair extensions specially designed for black women's unique hair care needs.
  • George Howell, Ideal First Car: Here to revolutionise the way young drivers go about getting their hands on their first car. Designed for 17-24 year olds by 17-24 year olds.
  • Hannah Akinbode: Fashionable heated gloves for women - keeping cold hands warm, with style.
  • Joshua Akorah, The Valentine Watch: A computer game set in the Victorian era with a non-linear narrative.
  • Laura Niehorster, Proud Pads: Sanitary pads that can be washed and re-used for 5 years, reducing waste by 97%.
  • Laurie Freeman: A range of 'Shrub' and 'Switchel' drinks; two 17th century vinegar-based beverages.
  • Leah Bertram: Contemporary lifestyle brand specialising in personalised luggage and handbags.
  • Paula Strahl, Pallula: A fashion and accessories brand with a conscience.
  • Ross Davies, Grown Urban Ltd.: Vertical farming using Grow Pods, allowing storage of greens for up to 10x longer.
  • Ruan Abu Ishira, Halalivery Ltd.: On-demand delivery app to connect people with Halal restaurants, butcheries, and grocery stores.
  • Ryan Mcqueen, Vita Voucher: Online platform that provides discounted health, fitness and wellness services.
  • Shada Jenkins, Healthy Hair Gym Ltd.: Plant based hair-care to treat hair fall and traction alopecia, particularly within the afro hair community.
  • Stephanie Ronaldo, Room for Help Ltd.: Homeshare company which aims to provide affordable accommodation in London by introducing the concept of home sharing.
  • Sylvester Ologbenla: Muscle recovery and rehabilitation, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Yagmur Masmas, Greenstory: Sustainably produced and distributed innovative stationary products.