Our focus on giving young people a greater stake in our society and economy means helping more young people than ever before into rewarding and sustainable career opportunities. This is a shared focus for the NHS, which is facing a trend towards an increasingly ageing workforce and urgently needs to recruit young talent.

We have built a strategic partnership with NHS Scotland to help young people into clinical and non-clinical roles. Many of those we are supporting into jobs through our partnership would have not previously considered themselves eligible for work in the sector, expecting to be held back by inexperience, qualifications or a lack of confidence. However, the NHS and other health and social care providers have recognised how young people’s passion and motivation can add extraordinary value to the diverse roles in the sector, ranging from healthcare assistants to hospital porters.

With investment from The Scottish Government and The David and Molly Pyott Foundation we are now growing our collaboration with NHS Scotland and pioneering ways to increase the profile of health and social care with young people at school age. To meet the future workforce needs of NHS Scotland, one in seven school leavers would need to join the NHS to offset the impact of staff expected to retire in coming years. The David and Molly Pyott Foundation is therefore investing in various innovation projects such as NHS career sessions in schools, as well as entry to employment programmes, to develop scalable solutions to the challenge.

Our joint employability initiatives with NHS Scotland have already helped many young people like Rachel, from Paisley, into jobs in the health and socialcare sector, transforming individual lives with a direct benefit to the NHS and other health and social care providers.

Our partnership with NHS Scotland complements our work with NHS England, with which we have now agreed a transformational plan to support 10,000 young people into entry level jobs and apprenticeships over coming years. This is the largest employability partnership in our history and represents an exceptional opportunity for the young people we serve.

Our leading philanthropic supporters of this initiative in Scotland, David and Molly Pyott, decided to support the partnership after realising the scale of opportunity, both for young people struggling to find work and for the NHS.

They said:

So many young people have the aptitude and willingness to succeed in a career in healthcare. We saw an opportunity to make a significant difference to the problem of youth unemployment while addressing the issues surrounding an ageing NHS workforce. We are proud to have worked closely with The Prince’s Trust and NHS Scotland to help many more young Scots into rewarding and sustainable careers.

Nick Stace, Chief Executive for The Prince's Trust says: 

Placing young people into frontline roles at the heart of our National Health Service will empower them to realise their potential, kick start their careers and make a valuable contribution to our society. 

"We are fortunate to have both national government investment in this initiative and that of The David and Molly Pyott Foundation across Scotland. We are especially grateful for the Foundation’s investment in programme innovation and widening awareness of healthcare careers among young people. We believe that when young people succeed, our country succeeds and this is a great example of what that can mean in reality."