Young Ambassador Emily Hatter, who has her eyes set on a career in journalism, gained a  few tips recently when she met our Ambassador and TV Presenter Matt Barbet.

Being a Young Ambassador for The Prince's Trust has done wonders for my confidence and provided me with a wide range of opportunities. One of the most important parts of the role is sharing my story to inspire other young people and encourage support for the charity. This could be anything from speaking at an accountant's dinner to travelling to London to meet companies and explain what The Trust is all about.

In September, I had the opportunity to meet Channel 5 news anchor Matt Barbet, who recently became an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust. As an aspiring broadcast journalist, this was a great chance to learn from an experienced newsreader and share with him my own passions and aspirations. My interest in journalism stems from an experience on the Team programme when we were looking at planning our futures.

I realised how engaged I was in current affairs and how excited I got about breaking news, and it came to me that journalism was the career I wanted to pursue.

Matt told me about how he got in to journalism and how he ended up as a newsreader. Though it was not his original goal, he made the most of the opportunities he was given which took him to where he is today. He revealed his passion for stories, and explained how the art of storytelling is a crucial part of being a good presenter. Towards the end of our chat, he offered me the chance to visit Channel 5 studios to do some work experience, which I hope to organise later this year.

Both meeting an industry professional like Matt, and the encouragement I’ve received from The Prince’s Trust has inspired me to reach my goal of becoming a journalist.

I want to captivate audiences and tell them the latest stories and one day, perhaps I’ll be the one giving advice to somebody standing in my shoes.