About me

I’m Kieran Scott, a 23-year-old from Birmingham. I first found out about The Prince’s Trust in the summer of 2015, soon after, in the September I started on their 12-week personal social development programme, Team. Team helped me regain my confidence and communication skills, and helped me achieve my future goal of becoming a teacher, by allowing me to gain work experience in an infant school.

After the Team programme, I went on to get a Development Award which helped me fund to go to college for a Counselling and Helping Skills Course at college.  I saw how much The Prince’s Trust’s programmes and support helped young people achieve their goals by enabling them to make that first initial positive step, so I began volunteering with them as a Young Ambassador - sharing my story at events (which was terrifying, but an amazing experience). The Trust recognised my talents in engaging young people in my local community, and in March 2016 I became a Job Ambassador.

What is a Job Ambassador?

The Job Ambassador role supports young people who have been through a Prince’s Trust programme who want to work with young people by offering them employment.

The purpose of the role is to meet and engage with young people in local communities and provide support, inspiration and motivation to these young people by speaking with them about local opportunities offered by The Prince’s Trust as well as external organisations who could provide more suitable support or provision.

Job Ambassadors are able to connect with young people who are unemployed, struggling at school and who are going through a difficult patch in their lives, because we’re able to relate and share our experiences.

“Sometimes just seeing and understanding the positive change and decisions someone else made, can spark the desire for others to make that first positive step for themselves.”

What is a typical day like for you? 

Typical day in the life of a Job Ambassador… I don’t believe there is one! One of the best parts of this role is that each day is completely different and varies massively. You are always on the go! This could be meeting with young people/professionals/organisations, attending events (jobs fairs/local communities) or supporting on programmes.

If I give you an example of one of my week’s, I could do a morning at a Job Centre attending a jobs fair, then go straight to a group session to educate young people about one of our upcoming programmes. The next couple of days could consist of attending a school or a youth centre, meeting with a support service organisation in the local area or supporting one of my colleagues with contacting young people. My week wouldn’t end there though, the last couple of days could involve:

  • Supporting our Programme Executives on programme - getting involved with employability training or just generally catching up with the young people too see how there weeks been
  • Attending taster days and getting to know young people who are potentially joining one of our programmes
  • Attending a final celebration and recognising how much development and positive changes have happened during the programme.

To put it simply, life as a Job Ambassador is never quiet or boring, and I like it that way!

My favourite part:

My personal highlight of this job is being part of each individual’s development, seeing their progression and steps towards where they wish to be. The positive change within individuals and the impact it has on the local communities and society! Some will be with us for a 1 week programme others might be supported for up to 6 months after a programme, but no matter how short or long they are working with The Prince’s Trust there is always progression and success.

What’s next?

During my time in this role I have developed pre-existing skills and learnt brand new ones. 

To name a few, my ability to work with a wide age range of people has grown massively, I now feel confident when working or supporting all age groups. My communication skills and listening skills have been boosted, helping me learn that just listening to someone for 10 minutes can have a huge positive affect on someone.

I have had the opportunity to share my ideas with my colleagues, building my team-working skills and also my leadership skills, being able to support them with their new ideas and plans as swell as lead on some of my own. 

Taking all these new and developed skills with me, I know that my future will be bright thanks to the support from The Prince’s Trust. I will be flying across the waters to the US to work with children during the summer – at Camp America – giving me more experience working with young people before I go on to do my teaching degree.

As long as I keep taking those first steps, continue making the necessary positive changes and decisions, I know I will get to where I want.

As I’ve been managing The Trust’s new Birmingham Facebook account, I’d like to share a piece of my wisdom with all of you reading this - why put off something till tomorrow when you can start it today?