Thirteen unemployed young people from London have started their journey towards culinary success after taking part in a hospitality course, delivered in partnership with Cookery School at Little Portland Street.

As part of our Get into Hospitality programme, young people had the opportunity to visit Cookery School and received a hands on cooking class where they got to grips with a series of dishes to help them learn practical cooking techniques, including chopping, making stews and the basic principles of soup.

The course also gave the young people the opportunity to improve their teamwork and communication skills, as well as boosting confidence – all things that often hold young people back when getting on the career ladder.

Cookery School is London’s most sustainable cooking school and partnered with us to give something back to young people in London, particularly those who have an interest in cooking but haven’t yet had the break or support they need.

Rosalind Rathouse, Cookery School's founder, said:

A huge part of being sustainable is the people element – being charitable and treating people fairly so we undertook this project as part of our commitment to sustainability. Cooking is an important skill for young people to have to stop them relying on unhealthy and expensive ready meals. I love seeing young people gain so much self-confidence when they have produced a decent meal or even something as simple as a scone. We take young people on our professional cooking course and it sets them up nicely for life or for a career in food.

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