Prince's Trust Young Ambassadors Adam Morter, 26, and Daniel Adam Perkin, 27, met with Charles Tyrwhitt founder Nick Wheeler ahead of the brand's latest British menswear collection launch which supports young people to develop the skills and confidence they need to to live, learn and earn.

Looking the part, wearing Charles Tyrwhitt suits, the Young Ambassadors chatted to Nick about their Prince's Trust journeys and what volunteering for the organisation means to them, award nominations and even Harry Potter. Here are some of our favourite moments from the interview. 

Nick: How did you come across The Prince's Trust? 

Adam: "My brother and father are both alcoholics. Despite being an A-grade student, I left school with only two GCSEs. I was then made homeless by my Dad because of my sexuality. He didn’t like the fact that I was gay so he brought an injunction against me so I couldn't be within 30 metres of my family home. So, I had to leave school, get a job and find somewhere to live. I discovered The Prince's Trust at the Job Centre through a retail course with Marks and Spencer. I stayed there for four years and worked my way up to become a trainee manager.

"However, I experienced a bit of a setback. I lost my Nana and Grandad in the space of a week and The Trust helped me again." 

Daniel: "I developed OCD at the age of 12 and it gradually got worse until at the age of 16. I developed body dysmorphia disorder (BDD). And then I had a heart operation at 20. I went through a series of self-harm attempts. The BDD was bad; when I was 18 I tried burning my face off with acid.

"I moved into acting which gave me some confidence. However, being in an environment I wasn’t used to made me panic and I soon overdosed on about 150 pills with a bottle of wine and ended up in hospital. I am still on medication but I found out about The Trust's Enterprise programme. I knew I wanted to do art but I had no idea how to start a business. Now I have a really good mentor and I'm just trying to keep going." 

Nick: How has The Prince's Trust helped you?


It is like a family. I've made lifelong friends and I love going to events and talking; it's improved my public speaking. My future is definitely brighter now too. It's given me the confidence to explore different options and, having worked with The Trust, I know I want to continue working in the charity sector. I want to give back and help other young people.

Nick: Why did you become Young Ambassadors? 

Adam: "The Prince's Trust helps everyone and we can’t thank them enough. Being Young Ambassadors enables us to give something back."


I just want to create awareness for other young people by sharing my story, which is weird because I find it terrifying to walk down the street but I can stand in front of thousands of people on stage!

Nick: What do you think about the Charles Tyrwhitt collaboration with The Prince’s Trust?

Adam: "It's brilliant! It's helping young people because it helps The Trust."

Nick: "The thing I love about The Prince’s Trust is that it gives people confidence. I'm a big believer that everyone is equal but not everyone feels they are equal. They might think someone else is better than them. Now if either of you guys walked in for an interview with me you'd get the job straight away!"

Daniel: "Obviously!" 

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