Through Prince's Trust International, we work with young people globally in the Carribbean, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Malaysia to bridge the gap between education and employment and help young people reach their full potential.

International Youth Day 2019 aims to throw a spotlight on education, highlighting efforts which make education and training for young people more relevant, inclusive and a higher quality. With the World Bank indicating that globally 263 million children, adolescents and youths are out of school (World Bank, 2019) this is something that is critical and something that we are passionate about changing.

Through our Achieve programme, we work to support secondary school children to engage and succeed in education. Achieve provides young people at risk of underperforming with the space and attention they need to reach their full potential, allowing them to grow in confidence and gain teamwork skills. 

Ahmed is one of the young people who recently completed our programme in Malta.

Ahmed was born in Aleppo, Syria, and lived there with his mother and siblings until the age of five. His father lived and worked in Malta to support his wife and six children back home. When war became imminent, Ahmed's father decided to bring his family to Malta.

For the first 18 months, Ahmed felt lost in his new country; he didn't speak the language and didn't attend school, instead going to work with his father. Determined to learn, Ahmed enrolled in school. For the first three months he felt confused and out of place, he went to the library and borrowed books to master both languages. It was here that Ahmed's teacher introduced him to the Acheive programme. 

Ahmed remembers how shy and insecure he used to be before starting the programme and how he has gained self-confidence through presentation skills, teamwork, community projects, work experience and participation in exercise. Life outside school has also changed for the better due to this new-found confidence. Now he feels comfortable to go up to people, introduce himself and hold a conversation.

At home he is pleased to be able to translate documents for his parents and explain bank statements and other correspondence. He is especially relieved that his family doesn't need to ask other people to help them with emails and other personal matters as he can do that himself.

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