Barclaycard hosted a 'Personal Brand’ mentoring workshop for 100 young people at the British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park yesterday, making it the biggest one-day mentoring event in The Trust's history.

More than 40 corporate volunteers united from across the Barclaycard company to help young people understand and engage with their personal brand through various workshops, giving them the skills and confidence they need to live, learn and earn.

Taking place for the second year running, the event is committed to boosting vulnerable young people's skills, no matter what their background. From exploring personal brand in terms of their own perceptions and values, the young people spent the afternoon working on 'elevator pitches' that were showcased to the wider group about what makes them unique. 

The mentoring session also included a panel discussion featuring Young Ambassador Cherie Bosama, Brian Danclair, owner of restaurant chain Fish, Wings and Tings, and Sarah Brewer, Senior Marketing Manager for Pizza Express. Together they helped to emphasise that it's not just individuals who need to develop and maintain their personal brand; companies do too.

For Brian, he prides his personal brand on "consistent respect, grasping the understanding of what it means and how it's perceived by others all around you."

Sarah mentioned that for her, a good personal brand is about "being optimistic, having a positive outlook and developing trust with those around you. Breaking down communication barriers and opening yourself up to all opportunities."

Young Ambassador Cherie also discussed her view of social media in conjunction with personal brand; the benefits and challenges: 

Social media can be a double-edged sword in terms of impact and personal portrayal. With our generation being extremely active online, we need to ensure that what young people display on their social media pages can have a positive impact on their journey in gaining a job or starting a business. It’s crucial that we use social media to our advantage and not let it hinder our potential to succeed.

As the day came to an end, certificates and goodie bags were handed out to our young people, along with encouraging messages of support from volunteers. The young people expressed their excitement and willingness to keep improving, walking away with a sense of achievement, an understanding of their personal brand and an overall confidence boost!