Relentless bullying left Glasgow teenager, Greig Watson, seriously considering taking his own life. Now aged 18, Greig is using his experience to create an online blog and interactive game. For Anti-Bullying Week 2016, he shares his story to encourage other young people to seek help.  

Greig said: "The bullies would make my life miserable throughout school, calling me names and spreading nasty things about me. It made it hard to make friends because they were scared they would get picked on too. Even my best friend turned on me which was the most upsetting thing. I used to just go home to my mum’s for lunch to avoid them.

"It made me feel worthless. I had a lot going with my family, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and with no dad around, and I felt a lot of reasonability to look after her and my brother and sister. Everything was just getting too much and I didn’t know how to cope. I started self-harming and seriously wanted to end my life.

It’s only now when I look back that I realise I wasn’t living. I was just trying to get through each day. I didn’t expect anything from my life, the bullying had shattered my confidence, feeling that low all the time, I didn’t think I’d pass my exams or make anything of myself.

In third year, Greig joined The Prince’s Trust xl programme (now the Achieve programme), which helps young people build their confidence, motivation and encourage them to think about a future. It was an outward bound activity that Greig got the devastating news that his mother had passed away.

If I wasn’t on The Prince’s Trust programme then I don’t know what road I would have went down. I enjoyed being in the class and I finally found a purpose. I started raising money for people with cancer or living in poverty and I started to be more confident. I wanted to make my mum proud.

After leaving school, Greig secured an Apprenticeship with an IT company. With no previous skills or experience, he taught himself how to create his own website and game called ‘Against Bullying’ – which gives young people a chance to share their experiences of bullying through an interactive game.

“Bullying ruined my time at school, I wanted to make a game that would help other young people. I also wanted to show bullies what they can do to someone.  I appeared on TV to talk about bullying and afterwards one my bullies got in touch on Facebook to say how sorry he was.

The more stories we can share of young people, the easier it will for people to stand up against it. That’s why I am working with The Prince’s Trust this Anti-Bullying Week to reach thousands of young people. If I can pull through everything then so can you and as your life is worth something.

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