The East England Prince’s Trust and Samsung Celebrate Success Awards took place in Stevenage on 11 November. Our Celebrity Ambassador, Anna Williamson, was the host. She tells us how important it is for her to get involved with The Prince’s Trust.

The Prince’s Trust: Anna, tell us why you wanted to be a part of the East of England Celebrate Success Awards.

AW: As a Prince’s Trust Ambassador, I like to support as many events as I can, it's such an important charity and I've seen firsthand how young disadvantaged people turn their lives around with its help.

Having hosted the regional Celebrate Success before, and the red carpet for the national Celebrate Success awards in Leicester Square, I love to help recognise and celebrate the young people in their own local environment.

This year I'm particularly excited to be hosting the East of England Prince’s Trust and Samsung Celebrate Success awards as I'm from near Stevenage, born and bred  so it really will be like giving something back directly to my hometown. I can't wait for an uplifting positive day.

You are an Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust. Why is it so important for you to give time to help the charity?

AW: The Prince’s Trust is an outstanding charity and the proof is in the pudding – 825,000 young people so far have been helped back into training education or employment  that's a terrific result and legacy!

Some people need and deserve a second chance, for someone to believe in them, which perhaps they've lacked in having before... I believe everyone is entitled to opportunities and support and this is exactly what The Trust offers. I couldn't be prouder to be an Ambassador.

Tell us about the young people nominated for the East of England Prince’s Trust and Samsung Celebrate Success Award. How have they inspired you?

AW: All the young ladies and gents nominated have one thing in common  belief and tenacity. They also have all succeeded with help and faith from The Prince’s Trust. Each and every one of the nominees is now giving something to their community... whether it is in nursing, or the leisure industry, or working with local businesses, these young people have shown what can be accomplished with a little support, belief and faith.

What is your message to young people who are struggling to find their path in life?

AW: Don't be afraid to ask for help! Get in touch with The Prince’s Trust and see how they might be able to help and inspire you and put you back on the right path. Sometimes it takes a few goes at something before it sticks, but don't give up, or try something else... imagine what you want to have achieved in life if you'd had nothing to hold you back.