The Young Ambassador Award, sponsored by Mappin & Webb, recognises young people who are exceptional Young Ambassadors. Young people who have successfully completed a Prince's Trust course can apply to be a Young Ambassador to volunteer their time, share their personal experiences and inspire others.

Young Ambassador Award winner - Tom Rebair

“I blamed myself for being bullied at school – so I self-harmed and attempted suicide. I started to develop OCD and later also developed anorexia.

“I ended up in hospital twice; at one point my heartbeat had dropped to 18 beats per minute. My body was shutting down.

“When I left hospital six months later, I struggled. Physically I was well, but I didn’t know how to face life on my own. My occupational therapist encouraged me to join Fairbridge.

The Fairbridge team pulled me out of that empty space I was in and made me want to strive for a fulfilling future. This gave me the confidence to start volunteering for a charity. Even when I left, I knew they were only ever a phone call away.  

“Life is hard enough, but add stigma into the mix and it can feel unbearable. I became a Young Ambassador because I wanted to spread the word about The Trust’s work and help break down the stigma surrounding eating disorders, particularly in young men like me.

“I now just want to keep helping them both as a Young Ambassador and then hopefully in other capacities for the rest of my life.

Our partnership with Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb first partnered with The Prince's Trust in 2013, offering life-changing experiences to young entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses. In addition to hosting Enterprise workshops, Mappin & Webb also generously design and manufacture the trophies that are given to The Prince's Trust Awards winners, and gift pens to our celebrity ambassadors and presenters who support the Awards. 

Our regional Young Ambassador Award winners

  • Ryan McIntyre, winner of our Belfast Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Alice Castle, winner of our Edinburgh Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Tom Rebair, winner of our Newcastle Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Kris Overend, winner of our Manchester Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Ruth Gibson, winner of our Norwich Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Dominic Loftus, winner of our Leeds Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Lisa Case, winner of our Birmingham Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Milly Rawley, winner of our London Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Chloe Causer, winner of our Bristol Young Ambassador Award 2017
  • Jon Tucker, winner of our Cardiff Young Ambassador Award 2017