The Young Achiever Award, sponsored by Homesense, recognises young people who have struggled through unimaginable difficulties to transform their lives; their stories are of resounding achievement and are now inspiring others to strive for such success.

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Young Achiever Award winner - Daisy McDonnell

“After a traumatic and harrowing bereavement, the collapse of my relationship and the reclaiming of my apartment, I began to give up hope. Trying to hold down a full time job while living on the streets proved extremely difficult. 

“The people that were around me during that period of my life were volatile at best, on several occasions becoming increasingly dangerous and aggressive. I felt like there were situations where I could have died. 

After the death of a very close friend I sought help, I enrolled on The Prince’s Trust Team programme – a 12-week course that builds the confidence and employability skills of unemployed young people.

“Team became the one constant I could look forward to. And I did. Every single day.

“Following Team, and due to lots of hard work, I managed to secure an apprenticeship as an outdoor instructor and find more stable living accommodation. This has been a great opportunity – I have developed new skills, new confidence and new passions. I am now sitting my yacht masters and aim to have completed my ocean yacht masters at UKSA in the Isle of Wight and dive masters within the next five years. I am surrounded by likeminded, happy people and am living at sea, in my element and have grown to accept my past and learn from my mistakes.”

Our partnership with Homesense

Homesense, who are part of the TK Maxx family, supports The Trust’s work with vulnerable young people through the Achieve programme, which helps young people aged 11-19 to engage and succeed in education. With the support of Homesense associates and customers, vital funds will be raised to help more than 1,500 young people in local communities across the UK to develop the skills and confidence needed to engage and succeed in education, through relevant, engaging and informal learning.

Our regional Young Achiever Award winners

  • Christina Millar, winner of our Belfast Young Achiever Award 2017
  • Mathew Stachan, winner of our Edinburgh Young Achiever Award 2017
  • Andrew Wakefield, winner of our Newcastle Young Achiever Award 2017
  • Billy Harper, winner of our Norwich Young Achiever Award 2017
  • Caroline Wales, winner of our Leeds Young Achiever Award 2017
  • John McCarron, winner of our Birmingham Young Achiever Award 2017
  • James Wilkie, winner of our Cardiff Young Achiever Award 2017