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UK2030: Equipping our country for the future

When our young people succeed, our country succeeds.

The UK2030 taskforce will develop constructive and actionable recommendations for businesses, the third sector, government and young people to ensure that young people have a stake in society and the economy.

Young people are the heartbeat of our nation; they're tomorrow's workforce, innovators, employers and leaders.

Young people are key to building a prosperous and optimistic Britain. Yet, too many feel pessimistic, excluded and marginalised.

As a country we can look forward to advances in technology, people living longer and a new place for the UK in the global economy. Young people must be at the forefront of these improvements in order for us to thrive. 

We know the current generation of young people are ambitious, engaged and keen to be active leaders for change in their communities. At The Prince’s Trust we believe it’s time to invest in young people and give them a real stake in our economy and society.

We believe in the power of young people. 
- Nick Stace, UK Chief Executive at The Prince's Trust

We're bringing the following people together so we can create new and exciting solutions:


By raising their aspirations and giving them the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn, we can harness their potential and boost our economy, benefiting the whole UK. We know we can’t do this alone, nor would we want to.

Over the next year, the UK2030 taskforce will:

  • Develop a series of constructive and actionable recommendations - for businesses, the third sector, government, and young people themselves – by listening to the voices that matter.
  • We will carry out research, visiting different communities across the UK to hear from people on the ground to understand how we can better invest in the next generation – to give them a greater stake in society and allow them to achieve greatness, their way.

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Naga Munchetty at a Prince

UK2030: Road trip

We're touring the country to better understand young people's needs. More locations will be and details will be confirmed very soon.

Follow our journey to see how you can help to support the next generation to fulfil their potential. 

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