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Tomorrow's Talent 2017

The 2017 Tomorrow’s Talent competition was open to all young people aged 13 and over who had been on a Prince’s Trust programme in the last five years.

A young person works on a design

In 2017 we were searching for budding designers of FatFace accessories and a funky new Tangle Teezer.

Our 2017 FatFace winners were Sian Eilbeck from Newcastle and Ella Daniel-Lowe from Gloucester. A big congratulations also to our Tangle Teezer winner Alicia Foster from Bath. The designs were sold on high street products that year.

Our nine runners-up also had their work showcased at our launch event and will receive a £50 shopping voucher. Well done Katy Carson, Jenny Robson, Alison Mayston, Sarah Rhodes, Maddy Sutherland, Sheleen Estridge, Samantha Williams, Natalie Lea-Evans and Deborah Panesar.

Our Tomorrow's Talent competition revealed some very talented young people.

Take a look at our winners designs.


Take a look through our gallery of 'Runner Up' designs.

  • Katy Carson FatFace design
  • Alison Mayston FatFace design
  • Maddy Sutherland FatFace design
  • Jenny Robson FatFace design
  • Sarah Rhodes FatFace design
  • Sheleen Estridge FatFace design
  • Samantha Williams Tangle Teezer design
  • Natalie Lea-Owen Tangle Teezer design
  • Deborah Panesar Tangle Teezer design
Winner Janine at the Tomorrow

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