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The Prince's Trust Awards in Yorkshire and the Humber

On 11 October 2019 we celebrated our amazing young people at The Prince's Trust and TK Maxx & Homesense Awards. The Prince's Trust Awards honour the achievements of young people supported by The Trust's programmes.

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Our 2019 winners

Demileigh Gomersall - Homesense Young Achiever

Course: Get into Retail

Work with top employers who are ready to hire fresh talent, while improving your CV and interview techniques. Some courses include a trial shift with potential job offers available at the end. 

Demileigh's story

When everyone else wrote me off, The Prince’s Trust believed in me. That’s all I needed.

I stopped going to school and, when I did, I’d scream and shout to try to make someone see that I was struggling.

My siblings and I were placed into foster care, at first as a family but then we were split up. I started drinking to escape. It just made me feel numb. 

Then I met someone and we had two beautiful babies with just 10 months between them. When that relationship broke down, I suddenly had to face up to being a single mum of two at the age of 18. Although their early years were full of love and laughter, before I knew it they were starting school, and I was slipping into a deep depression. 

My job centre advisor told me about the Get into Retail programme with The Prince’s Trust. I fully stepped out of my comfort zone just to attend the taster day, but the support I received was overwhelming.  

The programme was part in a classroom and part in a Homesense store. We learnt about customer service skills and general confidence building. My favourite parts were learning to use the tills and interacting with customers. When I was offered a job at the end, I couldn’t believe my luck. 

I’m still at Homesense and look forward to growing with the company. I hope to one day become a manager. I’ve been given the chance to make something of myself and to show my kids they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves. I’ll be forever grateful for that.

The Young Achiever of the Year Award is sponsored by Homesense.

Dylan Husband - HSBC UK Breakthrough Award 

Course: Team

If you’re unemployed and between 16 and 25, you can meet new people, gain new skills and train on our Team programme. 

Dylan's story

The Prince’s Trust helped me to see that I can be a success. 

I found school difficult because of my dyslexia, and would act up in class. I didn’t have any real hopes for my future because I already felt like I had failed in most aspects. 

I joined Team and, even though it was a course of sorts, I enjoyed it because it felt different to anything I’d done before. I got involved in a community project disposing of litter in a local area and painting my local sports hall. During the 12 weeks I discovered I already had skills like leadership, good communication and a high level of fitness. 

It was a great feeling knowing that what we were doing was helping the local residents. We then helped out at a local homeless shelter. 

As part of Team I did a two-week work experience placement with Yorkshire Timber in Halifax. The managers were impressed with my work ethic and they offered me a Saturday job. Then they said that at the end of the programme I could start an apprenticeship with them. I may never have got that opportunity if it wasn’t for The Prince’s Trust, but it was my hard work and change of attitude that got me there, which meant a lot to me. 

I’ve been doing my apprenticeship with them since the beginning of the year, and I love it. My outlook on my life and future has completely changed.

The Breakthrough Award is sponsored by HSBC UK.

Rebecca Beattie - Young Ambassador of the Year 

Course: Enterprise

Got a business in mind or want to explore an idea? From training and mentoring support to funding and resources, we're here to help you become the best entrepreneur you can be. 

Rebecca's story

I’ve learnt how to push myself outside of my comfort zone. How to be focussed, determined and creative. My mind has been opened to new possibilities I thought would only ever be dreams. 

I did the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme for help setting up my clothing brand, Always B U. I nearly talked myself out of going the first day but I pushed through my anxiety and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It helped me to focus my skills and I was given the guidance of a one-to-one mentor. 

I wanted to give back to The Trust for what they’d given me, so I decided to become a Young Ambassador. I tell my story at events in the hope that sharing my experiences will encourage others to get behind the charity’s amazing work supporting young people like me. And to show other young people that, no matter where they are now, there is hope. 

My biggest event so far was the Cunard gala dinner in London when, due to unforeseen circumstances, another Young Ambassador had to pull out last minute. I was nervous but I knew I was helping The Trust at a big event. And I got a standing ovation! 

I’m still busy with my business, but I love being a Young Ambassador alongside it. Most of my life I’ve been told not to be myself and that who I am isn’t good enough. The Prince’s Trust has changed all that. I now have confidence in myself, who I am, and what I can achieve.

Milly Rose - NatWest Enterprise Award 

Course: Enterprise

Got a business in mind or want to explore an idea? From training and mentoring support to funding and resources, we're here to help you become the best entrepreneur you can be.

Milly's story

After realising that art is my great escape, I found the confidence to launch my own entertainment-based creative business, called Fantastic Faces. I’m really happy to say that it is going from strength to strength. 

Back when I was taking my A-Levels my mental health really deteriorated and I didn’t go on to university as I had once planned. I didn’t really know where my life was going but, when I had my son, suddenly things changed. I knew I had to be a good role model and provide him with the best possible life I could.  

I tried launching my business independently and then got in touch with The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, and started to create a business plan. It taught me lots of things and I continue to receive support from my mentor to this day. 

Since then I’ve even expanded my business’ offering. I now paint bespoke murals and canvases for offices and homes, and take my team of budding face painters to corporate events and festivals to add some glitz and glamour. We even paint baby bumps, helping mums-to-be to celebrate their changing bodies. 

If you had told me three years ago that my business would be booming, and that I’d be painting for some of the largest organisations in the region, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now I have more confidence and I’ve been able to expand the Fantastic Faces team.

The Enterprise Award is sponsored by NatWest.

Jake Richardson​ - Rising Star Award

Course: Team

If you’re unemployed and between 16 and 25, you can meet new people, gain new skills and train on our Team programme. 

Jake's story

The Team programme was what I needed to start finding some direction. Before it, I had been drifting from job to job and didn’t know how to find my way. 

Since working hard and finishing Team I now feel like I am going places, as I got a job with Stagecoach and went on to move into my own house. 

My journey started with the 12-week Prince’s Trust Dearne Valley Team programme, run by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, as I heard it could build employability skills and confidence. 

I went along to the taster day, where you learn more about what you can take part in, and I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to start and go on a residential, get job experience and meet other people like me. 

I was determined to make the most of Team. Even when I had to go to hospital for an emergency appendix removal, I still managed to turn up on Monday morning. To say my team members and leader were surprised would be an understatement. 

After finishing Team I was so pleased that Stagecoach had offered me a job. I really enjoyed my time there and it is great to feel like I am part of something. I’ve started to build my career with them and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

The Rising Star Award is sponsored by  .

Barnsley Team 9 - Dell EMC Community Impact Award 

Course: Team

If you’re unemployed and between 16 and 25, you can meet new people, gain new skills and train on our Team programme.

Team 9's story

Barnsley Team Nine members overcame many personal hurdles while taking part in The Prince’s Trust Team programme, including low confidence and self-belief, to go on to make a difference in their community. 

The team chose to support a local charity called Therapies for Anxiety and Depression (TADS) by creating a sensory room, alongside decorating two kitchens, to benefit service users aged 11 to 18 that have mental health issues and, in some cases, autism. 

Jamie said: “We wanted to help other young people like us and learnt so much. We had to think about loads of stuff, like researching what materials we’ll need, creating a budget and even decorating.”

The project was an ambitious task, with the ten team members fundraising by doing a car wash and sponsored walk to gain the tools, paint and other decoration they needed. In total they raised £326.  

William recalls: “We thought we wouldn’t be able to do the project at first, as to build a sensory room from scratch when you haven’t done anything like it before can be a little scary, but we had good support and got stuck in. We really enjoyed it and it made our team feel good that we were helping others.” 

Talking about the community project Rhian Oxley, team leader at Barnsley Team Nine for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “The team embraced an idea and saw it right through until completion, and we are all so proud of their progress. Everyone has learnt that working together and problem-solving can make life much easier.”  

The Community Impact Award is sponsored by Dell EMC.

Kierra Haver - Ascential Educational Achiever of the Year 

Course: Achieve

Achieve programmes are run in schools or youth centres. If you're aged 11-19, Achieve can help you to boost your confidence, learn new skills and work with your friends on a group project - but how you do it is up to you.

Kierra's story

 Taking part in the Prince’s Trust Achieve programme has been the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. 

I started misbehaving when I left primary school. I found it hard to make friends so I’d do silly things in class so that people would like me. A few of us even had competitions to see who could get in trouble the most, so I found myself in detention a lot and was often grounded. 

I knew I had gotten in with the wrong crowd so, when I started Year 9, I decided I wanted to work harder and make people proud of me. That’s when I heard about Achieve

I remember being nervous before I started because I didn’t know what it was going to be like and, to be honest, I had lost all confidence in myself by that time. But before I knew it, everything changed. It was as if a switch flicked and suddenly I enjoyed learning again. I stopped misbehaving and getting detentions, which made everyone happy – especially Mum! 

The teacher, Mrs Swainston, was amazing. She helped to build my confidence and I learnt communications skills and about teamwork and finance. We went on a trip to the National Coal Mining Museum and went behind the scenes at Tesco. My confidence just grew and grew. 

I’m flying with my grades and I’ve found that people like me for who I am. I don’t need to try to be someone I’m not. 

When I finish school, I want to train to become a doctor, because I want to help people.

The Educational Achiever of the Year Award​ is sponsored by Ascential.

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