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The Prince's Trust Awards in Scotland

On 1 October 2019 we celebrated our amazing young people at The Prince's Trust and TK Maxx & Homesense Awards. The Prince's Trust Awards honour the achievements of young people supported by The Trust's programmes.

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Our 2019 winners

Jack Smyth - Homesense Young Achiever

Course: Enterprise

Got a business in mind or want to explore an idea? From training and mentoring support to funding and resources, we're here to help you become the best entrepreneur you can be.

Jack's story

I was born premature and my parents were told I would never walk and talk due to my cerebral palsy but I defied the odds and even survived being on life support at one point.  

When I was a young boy, I would help my dad as he worked on cars and it soon became my dream to own my own garage when I was older. 

But this dream was shattered while studying Vehicle Maintenance at college as there were too many barriers put up that prevented me from learning. Although I felt I could do it, others felt my disability stood in the way and so I began to suffer from no confidence and dropped out.  

My uncle, seeing how low I was, taught me to weld and once I became more comfortable with the equipment and learned how to use jigs and clamps for my arm, I realised I could turn my new skills into a business. 

Through Street League I found out about The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise course which helped me set up Salvaged Metal Art. This combines my love of cars with welding.  

I now make lamps, wine racks, gifts and other household items using spare car parts. Through The Trust I was introduced to Arnold Clark, AutoParts, Black Circles and Bikes for Good who now supply me with parts which is amazing. My aim is to build my business and hopefully one day I’ll create jobs and inspire and train other young people.  

The Young Achiever of the Year Award is sponsored by Homesense.

Amy Turner - HSBC UK Breakthrough Award 

Course: Get into Health and Social Care

Work with top employers who are ready to hire fresh talent, while improving your CV and interview techniques. Some courses include a trial shift with potential job offers available at the end.

Amy's story

Amy Turner collecting her award on stage at The Prince

The way I feel about life now is completely different to before. Not only do I feel healthier and happier, I feel more resilient and enjoy being with surrounded by people as a volunteer in my local community.  

Being my mum’s carer as a teenager was tough and I felt isolated, which only got worse when she passed away. This led to self-harming and suicide attempts because I didn’t see any future for myself.  

But I knew I had to engage with the outside world if I wanted things to improve. I took part in Explore which gave me the chance to make small steps of progress. I then took part in Team which really signaled the start of my improved mental health.  

I could feel myself becoming more confident and resilient, but it was during the Get into Health and Social Care with Keane that I realised that the skills I had learned as my mum’s carer could be used in a work environment. 

I was able to use all this in a really positive way to help others. I started working part-time but my dad suffered a major stroke so I’ve taken time away to become his main carer. Although this has been hard, I feel better equipped to deal with the responsibility and I know that once he recovers, I’m in a much better place to get another job. 

I also volunteer at Cassiltoun Housing Association where I am part of the young group and help at community events. Along with that I am also involved in a LGBTQ youth group which I love. 

The Breakthrough Award is sponsored by HSBC UK.

Reiss Conlon - Stagecoach Young Ambassador of the Year 

Course: Get into Hospitality

Work with top employers who are ready to hire fresh talent, while improving your CV and interview techniques. Some courses include a trial shift with potential job offers available at the end.

Reiss' story

My first connection with The Prince’s Trust was a joining a Team programme after school which was a very positive experience.

After completing this, I began working in a care home and then changed careers to work in transport, a lifelong hobby of mine.

I moved to new area where I didn’t know anyone and as I don’t cope well with change, my mental health began to decline. It was confirmed that I had depression and anxiety and it left me with low motivation and feeling isolated.

Then, my life took a turn as I found out I was going to be a dad. This was an exciting and fantastic surprise and was a huge positive in my life that I could focus on.

But self-doubt still creeped in, and I reached such a low point that I considered suicide. That’s when I realised it was time to get my life back on track, for myself and for my son.

I picked myself up and reaching out to The Trust, I secured a place on a Get into Hospitality course with Greene King. This great experience allowed me to feel confident about getting back into work. Now, I absolutely love my customer service role at Scotrail and along with being a Young Ambassador, I’m in a much happier position to give 100% in all aspects of my life.

The Young Ambassador Award is sponsored by Stagecoach.

Danielle Farrel - Royal Bank of Scotland Enterprise Award 

Course: Enterprise

Got a business in mind or want to explore an idea? From training and mentoring support to funding and resources, we're here to help you become the best entrepreneur you can be.

Danielle's story

My parents fought for me to go to a mainstream school and their belief in me meant I never allowed my disability to stop me from achieving my dreams.  

When my mum became ill and passed away when I was 16, I vowed to focus on my studies and pass the exams she fought hard for me to sit. I know she would have been proud of me for going to university and gaining a PhD.  

But after graduating I found it hard to get a job.  

I decided to combine my own life experience, my passion for giving people with disabilities a voice and my studies together to launch Your Options Understood (Y.O.U) 

I feel very passionate about changing the mindset of organisations, so they take positive steps to adopt a person centre approach through education and training, in order for people with disabilities to achieve their aspirations.  

When I first decided to set up, I didn’t realise what was involved in establishing a community interest company, but after taking part in the Explore Enterprise course I soon realised the magnitude of the challenge.  

We provide self-directed support and advocacy services for people with physical or mental disabilities and their parents and carers. We also offer training for agencies so they can break down barriers and find solutions to challenges throughout society. 

Setting up my business has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve undertaken, but it has been one of the best things I’ve done. 

The Enterprise Award is sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland.

David Bruce - Denholm Rising Star Award 

Course: Development Award

Our Development Awards can cover the cost of course fees, tools or equipment to help you achieve your goals.

David's story

Finding a passion for cooking was unexpected but it has given me the motivation I needed in life and I’m now working towards becoming a professional chef. 

Previously, I was lost and my had no goals. I was unemployed, suffered from mental health issues and turned to drugs. After suffering a drug induced psychotic episode, I was admitted to hospital.  

Although I was admitted for a significant time, it allowed me to receive the support I needed to recover both physically and mentally.  

I was doing better but my confidence was low, so I was introduced to Venture Scotland who focused on building up my resilience and self-esteem. It was during this time that I found myself in a kitchen preparing food for the first time.  

Something instantly clicked and I realised this was what I wanted to do. I was told about the Tennent’s Academy, but I couldn’t afford the fee.  

The Development Award from The Prince’s Trust meant I could do the course which would change my life and help me secure a better future.  

As well as working in a café, I’m now studying Professional Catering at City of Glasgow College – something I never thought I would be doing.  

My mental health can be brittle but I’m much better prepared and confident in dealing with it. I also have ambition for the first time and although doing all of this has been daunting, I’m excited for my future.  

The Rising Star Award is sponsored by Denholm.

Team 18, Perth YMCA - Dell Technologies Community Impact Award 

Course: Team

If you’re unemployed and between 16 and 25, you can meet new people, gain new skills and train on our Team programme.

Team 18's story

Team 18 have created a practical how-to guide for high school leavers, full of information on how to get through day-to-day life. 

The Surviving Young Adulthood booklet came about as some of the members had lost their national insurance number and didn’t know how to get it reissued. This disclosure led to a discussion about other practical activities such as registering for a GP, how to apply for a passport and what types of ID are valid.  

Realising this information was much needed for young people, Team 18 decided to create a handy guide which would help not only themselves, but others in their area.  

Surviving Young Adulthood includes information on how to apply for housing, budgeting, the types of benefits available and health and wellbeing. After showcasing it at their final presentation, Police Scotland and Perth College are interested in distributing it to local young people.  

Before starting Team, the members struggled with motivation, confidence and self-esteem and many had mental health issues which impacted on how they interacted with others.  

Although initially it was difficult to get the team to work together, in only a few weeks there was an improvement and they slowly began to bond. But it was during the community project that they really became a team. 

Barry Davidson, team leader said: “The community project is really when Team 18 began to shine. They really pulled together, gathering information, meeting with organisations and researching the internet, to ensure they had the correct information. The outcome and the effect it had on the group’s personal development was fantastic. The project will have a positive effect on young people’s lives throughout Perth and Kinross for years to come."

The Community Impact Award is sponsored by Dell Technologies.

Emma Carrigan - Ascential Educational Achiever of the Year 

Course: Achieve

Achieve programmes are run in schools or youth centres. If you're aged 11-19, Achieve can help you to boost your confidence, learn new skills and work with your friends on a group project - but how you do it is up to you.

Emma's story

When I look at my life now I think wow! I’ve started college, something I never imagined doing and I’m so excited about my future.  

For many years I struggled with literacy and found it hard to develop friendships which meant I didn’t enjoy school and always felt like an outsider. 

These feelings meant my self-esteem and confidence was low and I had no real ambition in life.  

I was told about the Achieve programme at school and although I didn’t think I would enjoy it, I gave it a go. It was tough at first, but once we started doing more practical and creative activities, I began to enjoy it and I felt my confidence start to improve.  

We were doing a video on anti-cyberbullying and that’s when things started to click. I loved doing it and it allowed me to learn new skills in something that I could see myself doing more of.  

I was ready to push myself, so I took on a personal project - reading to pre-school and primary children. Literacy wasn’t something I was good at, so this was a huge moment for me, and I was proud of myself. 

When I was asked to support the next Achieve club in my school, I was surprised but happy. This did loads for my confidence and communication skills and made me realise I could go to college – something I never imagined I could do.  

The Educational Achiever of the Year Award​ is sponsored by Ascential.

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