The Community Impact Award, sponsored by Dell EMC, recognises the positive contribution young people make to their local community.   

Finalist: Bridgwater Team 42

The aim of bringing positive change to the community saw Team 42, who took part in our Team programme, give a sensory makeover to a rundown outdoor space at a day centre for adults with learning disabilities.

The fundraiser was a huge hurdle for the group; more than half of them battled with anxiety and communication issues, and the prospect of talking to the public during a fundraising bag pack they had organised at ASDA terrified them.

Showing great maturity, they supported each other and raised £224.24 in just four hours. They also secured donations of paint and tyres and forged strong relationships with Dulux and Somerset Auto & Tyres.

Keen to do the best possible job, Team 42 took the time to put themselves in the place of the service users, and worked as a unit to make the sensory garden come to life. The end result was a work of art, and the garden is now one of the most popular spaces at the Centre.

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Finalist: Ilkeston Team 175

Self-confidence was a feeling which none of Ilkeston Team 175 had ever experienced before they embarked on their journey with The Trust.

They chose to work at SV2, a charity supporting the victims of sexual violence as they agreed this would have the most impact on the lives of others. Their task was to decorate two therapy rooms and an office.

Working together, they planned and allocated responsibilities and made sure everybody could try all the different skills such as painting mural boards or decorating walls.

They learned to trust themselves and each other, how to work through difficulties and to persevere in order to complete a task. They also learned how to gain and use support from others to achieve goals.

The team developed outstanding partnerships, learned the importance of communicating effectively and were able to use their experience to find direction and motivation in their own lives.

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Winner: Leith Academy

A battalion of young soldiers who died a hundred years ago inspired a group of young people from Leith to achieve more than they ever believed possible, in honouring their memory.

The group, who took part in our Team programme, chose to help with a local history project commemorating 216 young soldiers from Leith who died in a rail crash en route to the front in Gallipoli. The disaster had a huge impact on Leith in 1915 and to mark its centenary, the group decided to raise awareness of the battalion within their local community. 

Much of this was driven by the group’s passion and enthusiasm and gave them a sense of purpose within the school and the wider community. 

The young people learned a vast range of new skills and gained confidence, motivation and a feeling of achievement. The project has changed the way they view their lives and are they now taking positive steps towards their futures.

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