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Mappin & Webb Young Ambassador

Chantelle Gautier

The Mappin and Webb Young Ambassador Award winner is Chantelle Gautier! 

The Mappin & Webb Young Ambassador Year Award, in association with the Daily Mirror, recognises young people who have completed a Prince’s Trust programme and are inspiring others.

This award category recognises young people who are exceptional Young Ambassadors. Young people who have successfully completed a Prince’s Trust course can apply to be a Young Ambassador to volunteer their time, share their personal experiences and inspire others.                


Chantelle Gautier

After a difficult upbringing, Chantelle felt alienated from her peers and felt she had to fend for herself. Our Get into programme transformed Chantelle's perceptions of herself; she made friends, grew in confidence and gained permanent employment with HSBC. At each event she spoke at, Chantelle bravely conveyed her story with a level of honesty and raw emotion that resulted in standing ovations.


Laura Wayman

Laura, 26, watched her life fall apart and felt powerless to stop it. She was an experienced early years nursery manager, but when her contract expired, she found herself unemployed in an economic downturn and unable to find work. With support from our Enterprise programme, Laura set up her own business and now runs her own nursery. 

Shikesh Sorathia

Shikesh Sorathia, 24, suffered emotional and physical abuse as a child. He became a victim of bullying, which led to eating difficulties and serious mental health issues. Rising to all the opportunities presented to him in the Young Ambassador role, Shikesh has attended a variety of events, striking supporters with the stunning and emotional impact of his story.

Chantelle Gautier
Celebrate Success award finalist, Shikesh Sorathia
Celebrate Success finalist Laura Wayman

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