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NatWest Enterprise Award

The Natwest Enterprise Award winner is Francis Ondoro! 

The NatWest Enterprise Award, in association with The Metro, recognises young people who have overcome barriers and achieved success in creating a sustainable business or a community or social enterprise.

This award category recognises those young people who have overcome serious difficulties in order to achieve success in creating a sustainable business or social enterprise. 


Francis Ondoro

Capitalising on previous experience working in recruitment, Francis founded Fizwizz, an online retail recruitment agency that favoured integrity and passion for work above anything else. He attended the Enterprise programme to get support perfecting his business model. Within just 12 months, Fizwizz was turning over £150k and employed four staff members.


Antony Strode

Antony drank heavily, was involved in drugs and was drifting through life without a job. He became involved with people who were well-known to police and almost became drawn into his friends’ criminal activity. Realising he wanted to make more of his life, he turned away from the reckless path he was about to take. Now he's a successful entrepreneur and has a positive future with his business Sefton Specialised Roofing.

Grace Prestidge

A rebellious streak in her teenage years saw Grace Prestidge, 23, getting involved with the wrong crowd, taking drugs and dropping out of school and leaving home at the age of 15. Showing great courage and determination, she got herself clean from drugs, gained her GCSEs and put herself through college to gain NVQ qualifications in beauty therapy and nail technology. Now she runs a successful business, Little Beautique.

Francis Ondoro
Grace Prestige
Antony Strode

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