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HSBC Breakthrough Award

The HSBC Breakthrough Award winner is Laine Esperanzate! 

The HSBC Breakthrough Award, in association with the Evening Standard, recognises the progress of young people in overcoming barriers and developing new skills.

This award category recognises the progress of young people who have developed new skills to enable them to make positive steps in facing their challenges and stabilising their lives.


Laine Esperanzate

Laine hated herself. She became isolated, was totally reckless in her behaviour and was bullied. This led to thoughts of suicide and nine months at a young person’s psychiatric unit. Desperate to find purpose, Laine found the Team programme.She's now working as a graphic design apprentice for an SEO marketing firm. She now feels like a different person and has a positive outlook on life.


Natalie Mitchell

Living like a prisoner in her own flat, Natalie, 24 from Bristol, faced verbal abuse, bullying at school and had been the main carer for her mum since she was 12. After completing our Get Started with Art course, Natalie joined Enterprise and soon after set up her own business, A Paper Crafted Dream, which offers bespoke glass etchings, vinyls and papercuts. 

Shannon Davison

Ice skater Shannon, aged 20, was left hospitalised after a cruel attack which aimed to destroy her career, leaving her with horrific injuries. To help Shannon build the confidence she needed, she participated in our Team programme. Now Shannon is skating her way to success, and recently landed herself an ice-skating performance job in Spain. 

Celebrate Success award winner Laine Esperanzate next to a brick wall
Celebrate Success finalist Natalie Mitchell
Shannon Davison, Celebrate Success Finalist

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