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Our initiatives

The Prince’s Trust is an ambitious and innovative organisation, constantly seeking new ways to provide even better support to our young people. 

Our initiatives

In addition to our eight core programmes, we work with key partners on a range of initiatives that help young people on their journey towards getting a job.

Mosaic mentoring programmes

Mosaic provide mentoring support for young people in our most deprived communities.

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Take a look around our new online Tomorrow’s Store

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We're equipping the next generation with STEM skills

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We're working with high street retailers to find a budding artist

Tomorrow’s Talent gives our young people the chance to see their designs featured on products in leading stores. This year we partnered with Oasis, Fat Face and ASOS. 

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Whether it’s a focus on the skills that help young people to succeed, or innovative ways to reach the most vulnerable young people, these projects are transforming our work and driving The Trust forward. 





Prince's Trust International

Globally, it is estimated that around 70 million young people – more than one in 10 – are out of work. Having built effective programmes and strong partnerships to help young people into jobs and self-employment in the United Kingdom, public and private organisations around the world have been turning to us in their search for solutions to youth unemployment and to learn from our experience in helping young people into work.