What is the certification process?

When all tasks have been initialled by the Assessor, the assessment forms are signed by both Assessor and learner and forwarded in batches to eDCC with a batch control list of learners' names. Copies of the working documents and/or printouts should be kept by the Centre. Papers are verified at eDCC and a numbered certificate for each assessment paper despatched by the eDCC office.

How is eDCC verified and monitored?

A Prince's Trust assessor may visit a centre to monitor procedures or request examples of learners work. Prince's Trust assessors will then check them for quality. Copies of assessment papers and examples of learners' work should therefore be kept for 12 months after the certificate is issued.

What is the registration procedure?

Centres will need to apply for centre registration each year. This involves completing a registration form and assessor details form. If these details change during the year, it is the responsibility of the centre to notify eDCC.

How is eDCC used?

eDCC is based on a flexible learning approach and as such can complement any study programme/course structure. There are no set time limits for the eDCC Assessment Scheme. These Assessment Forms are designed to allow teachers and trainers to adapt eDCC to suit their own schemes and projects.

How do I get a replacement certificate?

If you require a replacement certificate please email us stating the learner's name, the module completed and the certificate number that needs replacing. All replacement certificates will be charged at £9 plus postage unless a mistake was made by The Prince's Trust when processing the original batch.

Who can be an eDCC assessor?

Assessments are carried out by those who are nominated as eDCC assessors by their organisation. All assessors must be registered with eDCC and any change of assessor must be notified to eDCC in writing by the centre.

How is the assessment done?

Either direct observation of the screen or examination of hard copy can be used as evidence of completion. Evidence must be kept by the centre for one year after the certificate is processed. When all the tasks have been completed to the required standard, the assessor must sign the assessment form and print his/her name on the paper in the spaces provided. The learner must also sign to form to confirm that they have completed the tasks.

For more information please contact eDCC@princes-trust.org.uk or call us on 020 7543 1391.