Our networks are led by nominated co-chairs and supported by staff members, with various additional volunteer roles taken on by passionate colleagues within the networks to develop resources, plan events and create a safe environment for every individual within our community. 

Discover more about our networks: 

PT GEN (Gender Equality Network)

PT GEN champions gender equality by creating a safe space to courageously challenge and raise awareness of gender inequalities through our community of colleagues, volunteers, young people and partners. Whilst the network focuses on areas which disproportionally affect women in the workplace, our male colleagues and allies are also very much a part of the journey, recognising that we need to work together to make gender equality possible.

By listening to our community, providing support, identifying opportunities and encouraging mentorship, PT GEN seeks to improve self-belief and remove barriers – both within our organisation and beyond – so everyone can achieve their potential.

PT DAWN (Disability and Wellness Network) 

PT DAWN recognises and raises awareness of people in The Trust’s community living with physical disabilities, mental health conditions and health conditions by promoting understanding, empathy, and sharing of best practice to ensure it is taken seriously.

By continuously creating supportive and empathetic environments, PT DAWN empowers its community with lived experience to bring their whole selves to work and feel valued – while challenging the rest of the organisation to be more inclusive in all that it does.


PULSE, named in memory of the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016, works with staff and volunteers across The Trust to ensure we have the best possible environment for colleagues and young people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

PULSE advocates for the needs of LGBTQIA+ staff, by working on policy such as our transitioning at work toolkit and the Workplace Equality Index, while also running awareness events and attending Pride marches to raise the profile of all identities within the community for the benefit of staff, volunteers, and young people.

PT CAN (Cultural Awareness Network) 

PT CAN celebrates the cultural diversities of our staff, volunteers, young people and partners by providing safe and inclusive learning environments that empower people to express themselves while promoting a diverse range of experiences.

The network encapsulates the spectrum of diversity we enjoy at The Trust, from ethnicity and race to culture and religion. A deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultures and communities which make up our organisation, and which we serve, enables us to continuously improve our services.

In 2020, The Trust established a task and finish group, the Black Equity Action Group, to accelerate progress for the Black community. In December 2021 it was integrated into PT CAN as the Black Asian Equity Action Group to allow both Black and Asian colleagues to come together, as well as individually progress its communities.