Guides on how to talk to young people during this difficult time. 

​Guides and exercises on how to talk to young people and adults to help manage anxiety. 

Guidance for parents of children with special education needs.

Resources to inspire young people with crafts and activities, as well as exercises to get them moving.

Stephen Lawrence Trust activities 


  • BTN Academy runs free courses on health and nutrition for 16 to 18-year-olds. Simply quote 'LEARNFORFREE' at the checkout. 

Activity ideas 

  • Set up a scrap book project
  • Start a collection such as stamps, stones, leaves or labels
  • Send messages, letters and postcards to family and friends
  • Learn a new skill together using YouTube videos such as a new language, sewing, knitting or photography
  • Exercise by setting up an obstacle course in the garden and introduce time trials
  • Make story stones by collecting flat, smooth stones from outside and decorating them with pictures. Choose one of the stones and start a story based on the picture on it, then encourage your child to draw more stones and continue the story.
  • Create your family tree
  • Keep a diary with your child to help them record what they've been doing and how they're feeling
  • Learn some key basic general knowledge such as looking at maps to learn the names of countries, where they are and capital cities  
  • Use playing cards to do maths challenges 
  • Set up a den in the house or a camp in the garden as a safe space where children can have quiet time such as reading or playing. 
  • Cook together
  • Start LEGO challenges to focus the brain and create a calm atmosphere