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What is Zero to Hero?

Zero to Hero ChallengeZero to Hero is a unique team building challenge which gives you the opportunity to work together to create and then execute an entrepreneurial fundraising idea.

The challenge has no cost and is proven to build essential working skills and motivate employees.

In small teams, colleagues are challenged to compete against each other to raise vital funds for The Prince’s Trust by planning and implementing a successful fundraising initiative.

How does it work?

Each team works together to decide on an activity, work out how they’ll practically go about raising the money and who will take on each role. Innovation, creativity and teamwork are vital if teams are to raise money.

In this flexible challenge that you can take on any time of the year, teams must put their skills to the test in order to win, as they compete against each other to make the most profit – and the biggest donation – to support The Prince’s Trust.

Think of a winning idea, plan, set objectives and learn new skills. We’ve had teams run Zero to Hero for a one-day challenge, or over a couple of months – it’s up to you.

Each team member is challenged to take on a specific role, such as leadership, communication or finances. This gives all employees a chance to develop their skills and offers an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer development.

What are the benefits to your company?

  • To engage, inspire and motivate your staff
  • To cut the cost of training whilst delivering continued personal development
  • To be socially responsible and raise your public profile

Top tips for success

  • Communication is vital. Decide how you’re going to stay in touch and keep everyone involved
  • Ask yourself; is our idea realistic for the time frame you have chosen? Would a simpler idea be more manageable?
  • Ask yourself; am I excited about our idea? If you would like to purchase your item or buy a ticket to your event, then chances are that others will too
  • Break down your target into manageable amounts. For example; if 10 team members need to sell £1,000 worth of tickets, that’s £100 worth of tickets each
  • Be brave, ask for discounts or even free help
  • Act early because time flies in Zero to Hero challenges
  • Have fun!

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Zero to Hero
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Zero to Hero past participants

"Zero to Hero was a truly exhilarating challenge and one which brought us together as a team so thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to get involved" - John Smith, Team Captain, RBS.

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