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Volunteer Coordinator

As a Volunteer Coordinator you’ll directly support the front line work we do with our young people by providing structure and support to our volunteers to enable them to make more of a difference to young people’s lives.

This role will involve:

Download the full role description. 

How much time do I need to give?

As a Volunteer Coordinator, you’ll ideally commit to support The Prince’s Trust for around two days per week for a minimum of one year. This may involve a combination of office and home based work, and meetings may take place outside of normal office hours.

You will receive training and support to carry out your role.

How do I apply?

Complete our volunteer application form or call 0800 842 842 to request a paper copy of the form. All successful applicants will be expected to attend an interview and training before being appointed.


Business Finder

Whether you need a plumber in Plymouth or a gardener in Gateshead, using a Trust-supported business is a practical way for you to help.


Our work depends on your donation.

Apply now

Please download and complete our application form (you will be able to view using a range of PDF viewers, Adobe recommended).

Once you have completed the form please email to the contact shown on your regional volunteering page.



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