Student social workers and wellbeing

Following a successful pilot, the youth charity’s Working for Wellbeing scheme, funded by Zurich Community Trust, will give student social workers first-hand experience with vulnerable young people.

Social workerThe scheme hopes to bridge the gap between social care professionals and those who most need their support.

Student social workers have a lot to offer on the Team programme. The main benefit is that they have the time and commitment to provide one-to-one support with a range of personal issues (e.g. family accommodation, criminal justice issues etc).

Social work students can also provide additional support to our young people who are having difficulty with aspects of their work on the programme and can offer our Team Leaders an 'extra pair of hands' with elements of the programme such as sourcing work placements for Team members.

Furthermore, it appears that the student social workers are able to retain a percentage of our young people on the programme by supporting the Team members' emotional and well-being needs.

Being on Team as a student social worker has developed me both personally and professionally. I really do hope another student gets the opportunity to go on a placement like this (Student Social Worker)*


Team Programme

Team is a 12-week personal development programme. Young people aged 16 - 25 who are unemployed, educational underachievers, (ex) offenders or care leavers, are eligible to take part.  To find out more about Team, please click here.

 After that session [with the student] I felt I could talk to her about anything. I had been in Team for 4 weeks and had not talked to anyone. (Team member)


Working together, The Prince's Trust and Zurich Community Trust aim to:

  • Increase awareness of mental health issues for those involved in The Prince's Trust Team programme
  • Improve emotional wellbeing of young people on the Team programme
  • Give the next generation of social workers a greater understanding of mental health issues and how to handle them
  • Enable Prince's Trust staff and Team Leaders to be more able to identify those displaying mental health issues on the programme and be more equipped to respond accordingly


Student Placements

What The Prince's Trust can offer:

  • Suitable learning opportunities for qualifying social workers to demonstrate the National Occupational Standards for Social Work
  • Opportunity to develop the social work students' interpersonal skills 
  • Materials designed specifically for the students to ensure they understand their role
  • 2 days Mental Health First Aid training for all students and practice educators on these placements to support the emotional well-being agenda
  • Direct working with young people on a 1:1 basis and the opportunity to assess the wellbeing needs of those young people


What a student social worker's time on the Team programme could include**:

  • Opportunity to assist with issues such as well-being, domestic abuse, housing, counselling, finances etc
  • Develop professional working relationships with young people through 1:1 and group work settings
  • Providing information to individuals to support young people to make informed choices, by signposting and suggesting specialist agencies
  • Share their knowledge, skills and experience with our Delivery Partners
  • Opportunity to plan, manage and assess the risk in all situations that may arise within the Team
Excellent opportunity to develop the kind of skills that they [student social workers] need to work with service users. (University of Central Lancashire)



* All quotes are from the University of Salford Research 2010

** A more detailed mapping process has been completed and we have suggested possible activities for all NOS Key Roles. More information can be found in the Student Induction Pack


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