Why fundraise for The Trust?

Lacey BrownThe Prince’s Trust relies on donations from people like you in order to survive.

We need to raise around £60 million this year in order to continue our work.

Difficult times for young people

In the current economic climate where the job market is becoming increasingly competitive, we have seen more young people turning to us for help than ever before. Calls to our helpline have increased by 50% since last year and demand for some of our programmes has doubled.

This year, our work is more vital than ever.

Young people are bearing the brunt of this difficult economic environment. There are fewer jobs and training opportunities all round and the young people we support – the marginalised and disadvantaged – risk being squeezed out altogether.

Every day in Britain, young people are leaving care, or dropping out of school and just giving up on themselves. They don’t think that anyone cares if they sleep rough or get arrested, if they get into drugs or don’t find a job.

That’s why The Prince's Trust exists. We believe that every young person, regardless of their background or lack of qualifications, has potential. We can see it, even if they can’t.

Thanks to support from people like you, The Prince's Trust has been able to reach out to over  750,000 young people - helping them to change their lives for the better. Together, we have helped vulnerable young people overcome terrible barriers and we couldn’t have done this without the help of fundraisers like yourselves.

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Whether you need a plumber in Plymouth or a gardener in Gateshead, using a Trust-supported business is a practical way for you to help.

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Their potential is unlimited. Our resources are not.

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