The Garden Society

The Fairbridge Garden Society was formed in 1993 to promote the Fulham Palace Garden Centre and Fairbridge, the parent charity, and also to provide a varied and stimulating programme of events for discerning gardeners.

Based at the Fulham Palace Garden Centre, the Fairbridge Garden Society has a lively programme of events for its 400 members.

When joining the Society we ask you to make a voluntary donation to The Prince's Trust (suggested £20 per couple), and to continue this for every year that you are a member of the society. Members receive three Newsletters a year listing all the events, plus invitations to parties in May & December.

The Programme of events is expanding every year. We organise morning visits to gardens in London, day trips by coach to the country, and visits abroad. We invite major garden celebrities to give lectures each year, plus hold practical gardening demonstrations at the Garden Centre. There is a Christmas party and a Garden Party held in May, both at which distinguished gardeners and writers sign copies of their books.


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