UK City Riots Appeal 

Help us raise vital funds for young people in communities torn apart by the riots.

Riots AppealWe were shocked and concerned to see the disturbances in some of our major cities in August so we asked some of our young people what they thought would make a real difference.

The message was clear – the vast majority of young people were not involved and they need positive opportunities more than ever before.  They asked us to invest in their communities.

So that’s exactly what we plan to do.

We are going to double the support for young people across five of the areas hardest hit by the England riots, including Manchester, Birmingham and the London communities of Hackney, Tottenham and Croydon. We are committing £1 million from funds previously donated. But we urgently need to raise a further £1.5 million in order to achieve our goals.

Follow the links on the right to find out more about the appeal and how you can help. 

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Their potential is unlimited. Our resources are not.

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