Pembrokeshire Adventure Centre 


Pembrokeshire Adventure Centre is a training and accommodation complex situated on the Cleddau River - our secret waterway.

Pembrokeshire accomodationAccommodation is in rooms of either two or four, all beds adult-sized pine bunks, with hand basins in each room.

There are separate toilet and shower facilities on a ratio of 1:8. There are further shower and toilet facilities in the activity centre which may be used subject to availability.


The complex will sleep a total of 80 guests and rooms are arranged as follows:

  • Two semi-detached houses, each comprising 6 bedrooms of 4 beds, 3 shower/toilet rooms and a common room with TV and video. 24 beds in total.
  • One house with two completely separate floors, each comprising 8 bedrooms of 2 beds, 2 shower/toilet rooms and a common room with TV and video. The ground floor has wheelchair access to 4 rooms, both bathrooms and the common room. 32 beds in total.

All bedding is included although you will need to bring towels. Each house is secured by a keypad security system to the front door.

Room allocation

We allocate rooms once the final male/female split is known and always set aside one room in each house for leaders.

PembrokeshireUnless specified otherwise we will place males and females in separate houses and, unless you elect to be self-catering, our duty officer will aid with night time supervision, calling on the group leaders as appropriate.

We will never ask staff to share rooms with children and only in cases of specific need or family will this be allowed. All members of our staff are fully police checked and the duty officer is a first aider.

Self catering

In all but one of the houses there is a kitchen in the common room equipped with an electric hob, oven, and fridge as many parties are self catering. If your party is self-catering, plan your food for the week carefully, (don’t forget the washing-up liquid) and clearing away. The nearest supermarket is Tesco, a half-mile down the road.

Catering and special dietary requirements

If the party is not self catering, we are happy to cater, subject to minimum group size, for specific dietary requirements. These must be notified at least two weeks before arrival. In the past we have catered for vegetarians, vegans, Hallal, gluten free, as well as a range of specific allergies.

Other information

  • A drying room is available in the main complex should you need to dry any wet clothing
  • There is plenty of parking space at the front of the centre
  • There is a good reception for mobile phones but no public phone available. Emergency calls can be made and taken at the main office.

The accommodation should be kept clean and tidy, during and at the end of your stay.

To book call 01646 622013