Sport and young people

The Prince's Trust believes that sport can help young people develop skills such as confidence, teamwork, leadership and communication; qualities which are essential for education and employment.

As well as developing these personal social skills, sport is also used as an engagement tool to attract young people to The Trust.

The Trust works with over one hundred professional sport clubs and organisations across football, rugby, cricket, horseracing, sailing, adventurous activities, boxing and martial arts.

These organisations provide vital support to Prince’s Trust programmes which help 55,000 young people each year.


Launched in 1997, The Prince's Trust Football Initiative, which is funded by the Premier League and the Professional Footballers’ Association works with 65 professional football clubs and has helped change more than 20,000 young lives.



Since 2003 The Trust has worked in partnership with 10 First Class Counties and the Marylebone Cricket Club to support close to 2,500 young people to get their lives working.



Since 2005, more than 1,000 young people have been helped by The Prince's Trust's RBS 6 Nations initiative.



In 2008 the British Horseracing Authority joined forces with The Prince’s Trust to show young people the variety of opportunities that exist within the sport.

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