Annual Review

This covers the period between April 2008 to March 2010.

This Annual Review highlights how my Trust values the importance of believing. It shows the belief that Trust staff have in young people, the belief that we encourage young people to have in themselves and the belief that all who support us have in the good work that is being undertaken across the United Kingdom.

- HRH The Prince of Wales


Believe in tomorrow- Annual Review 2008-10

Every day we meet young people whose confidence and motivation has hit an all-time low. Their lack of esteem and self-worth means they don’t believe they’ll ever make a success of their lives. At The Prince’s Trust, we think they’re wrong. We believe every young person has potential, even if they can’t yet see it for themselves.

We believe in them, their talents and their future.

Young people have been hardest hit in the recent economic downturn. If we follow the pattern of previous recessions, unemployment is likely to continue to rise even after the economy begins to grow. More young people than ever before are turning to us for support. Wewe’ve been able to support more than 40,000 each year, despite the difficult funding environment.



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Click on the picture to access an interactive version which contains the case study films produced for some of the young people who feature.

There is also a standard PDF available to download, or to send to those who might be interested.


The Prince's Trust would like to thank The McGraw-Hill Companies for its donation, which has been used to fund this Annual Review.

The McGraw-Hill Companies has been a committed Patron of The Prince's Trust for many years, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisation for its extraordinary generosity and support of our work with young people.




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