What we do

The Prince's Trust supports 13 to 30 year olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion.

Around one in five young people in the UK are not in work, education or training. Youth unemployment costs the UK economy £10 million a day in lost productivity, while youth crime costs £1 billion every year.

Many of the young people we help are in or leaving care, facing issues such as homelessness or mental health problems, or have been in trouble with the law.

Our programmes give young people the practical and financial support they need to stabilise their lives. We help develop key skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to move into work, education or training.

Watch our film of Karine Harris to find out how she was helped by The Trust:



Did you know The Prince's Trust was established in 1976? You can read about our history here.

We help young people

  • Develop skills, prepare for work and improve their confidence through a structured 12-week personal development course, individually tailored development programmes and short engagement programmes
  • Improve motivation and attendance at school through our network of xl clubs
  • Work out whether self-employment is right for them by helping them test their business ideas, write plans and start their own businesses, or achieve other goals in education, training, volunteering or other work
  • Overcome barriers and get their lives working with cash awards of between £50 and £500, and mentor support for those leaving care or prison
  • Develop personal and social skills through residential schemes, group activities and tailored one-to-one support

Our programmes

We run programmes that encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves – helping them build the life they choose rather than the one they’ve ended up with:

  • The Enterprise programme provides money and support to help young people start up in business.
  • The Team programme is a 12-week personal development course, offering work experience, qualifications, practical skills, community projects and a residential week.
  • Get Started are short courses designed to help young people develop new skills, build confidence and have fun, helping them to move forwards in their lives.
  • Get into are short courses offering intensive training and experience in a specific sector to help young people get a job.
  • Development Awards are small grants to enable young people to access education, training or work.
  • Prince's Trust xl clubs give 13-19 year olds who are at risk of truanting, exclusion and underachievement a say in their education. They aim to improve attendance, motivation and social skills.
  • The Fairbridge programme works with young people aged 13-25, giving them the motivation, self-confidence and skills they need to change their lives.

Support The Prince's Trust

To continue this vital work we need your help to raise £60 million this year. There are a wide variety of ways to support The Trust, from making a donation to signing up for a skydive, a cycle ride or a Himalyan trek.

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The Prince's Trust Factsheet 2014/15

The Trust helped over 56,077 young people last year.