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Charlie Mullins

Pimlico Plumbers founder and Enterprise Fellow, Charlie Mullins, is committed to giving opportunities to young people no matter what their background.



The Prince’s Trust presents an opportunity that very few people from my working class background are able to enjoy - something that makes me determined to contribute to its ongoing success.

- Charlie Mullins, Managing Director, Pimlico Plumbers


Charlie Mullins, Enterprise fellowHaving left school at 15 with no qualifications, Charlie started a four-year apprenticeship in plumbing. In 1979 he set up Pimlico Plumbers and 34 years on the company is a thriving, family-owned operation, turning over in excess of £18 million annually, with a workforce of 220.

Charlie is passionate about youth training and apprenticeships and is a strong advocate of entrepreneurism.

“Being a big believer in the saying the more you put in the more you get out I’m confident that those that are supported by The Prince’s Trust and have the desire and drive to set up their own business have every chance of succeeding."