Prince’s Trust spokespeople

The Prince’s Trust can offer a range of spokespeople to talk on young people issues. We support young people who have been long-term unemployed, struggled at school, been in trouble with the law or have been in care.

If you would like a spokesperson to comment on the issues surrounding young people please contact the press office on 0207 543 7401.

  • Martina Milburn – Chief Executive
  • Paul Brown – Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Tara Leathers– Director of Fundraising
  • Richard Chadwick - Director of Programmes and Development
  • Ian Jeffers – Country Director for Northern Ireland
  • Allan Watt - Country Director for Scotland
  • Lesley Kirkpatrick - Country Director for Wales
  • Jonathan Townsend - Regional Director of the North
  • John O'Reilly - Regional Director for the Midlands and East Anglia
  • Dermot Finch - Regional Director of the South of England

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The Prince's Trust Factsheet 2014/15

The Trust helped over 56,077 young people last year.