June 2012

will.i.am announces support for The Trust to help UK’s disadvantaged youth

will.i.am meets HRH The Prince of WalesMusician and philanthropist will.i.am donates £500,000 to The Prince's Trust to fund education, training and enterprise schemes with a focus on technology and computer skills development.

Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am has teamed up with The Prince’s Trust to help the UK’s most disadvantaged young people get their lives on track, following a meeting with HRH The Prince of Wales, President of The Prince's Trust.

will.i.am is personally donating £500,000 to The Trust via his i.am angel Foundation to help young people build skills for work and enterprise, with a focus on technology.

After meeting youngsters on a Prince’s Trust personal development course in East London last month, will.i.am visited HRH The Prince of Wales at his London home, Clarence House, to discuss how his i.am angel Foundation could support the work of The Prince’s Trust.

will.i.am says: "As a judge on ‘The Voice’, the people of the UK have welcomed me into their sitting rooms week after week and I feel very much at home here.

He continued,

Working with The Prince's Trust, I am joining the mission to help transform the lives of disadvantaged young people living in under-privileged neighbourhoods in the UK. My donation to The Trust will help these young people build skills that are vital in today’s and tomorrow’s job market including technology and computer knowledge.

He adds: "I grew up in East Los Angeles, one of the most under-served and tough neighbourhoods in America.

"My life could have turned out very differently if it were not for the support and encouragement provided by my single working Mum, my uncles and my teachers who encouraged me to dream, and to pursue my goal of getting into the music business.

"My family made sure I understood that getting a good education and hard work were key to turning my dreams into reality and beating the odds that come with growing up in a disadvantaged situation.

The Prince’s Trust has a 36 year history of assisting disadvantaged youth, so I am pleased to be collaborating with an organisation that shares my mission to transform the lives of young people who need extra support and structure in their lives.

will.i.am with Prince's Trust young people

The funds will enable The Trust to provide enhanced support to young people on its education programme - xl, its Enterprise programme, and its personal development Fairbridge programme, encouraging and developing key computer skills.

The courses support vulnerable and unemployed young people to get their lives on track.


"The Prince’s Trust is a charity which depends on generous donations such as these," says Martina Milburn, chief executive of The Prince’s Trust.

She continued,

will.i.am is an inspiring character – we're excited about his vision of helping the most disadvantaged to improve their computer skills and we’re incredibly grateful for the donation. It will make a huge difference to vulnerable young lives in the UK today.


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