December 2011

New Prince's Trust campaign paints a picture of the 'lost generation'

World renowned body painter uses her skills to highlight the plight of more than a million 18 to 24 year-olds who are out of work, in a campaign that will appear at more than 7,000 locations around the country.

Lost GenerationCHI & Partners, Emma Cammack the British body painter, and more shades of colour than you can shake a paint stick at are behind the new Prince’s Trust campaign that warns of a generation at risk due to record-breaking levels of youth unemployment. 

The series of three adverts depict a generation lost, capturing young models painted by hand and blended into urban backdrops.

The new campaign saw body painter Cammack spend more than 24 hours on location, painstakingly painting her models so that just a subtle outline of their figures can be made out against the background.

Dan Farmer, Acting Head of Marketing at
The Prince’s Trust, said:

Our new campaign paints a very bleak picture of a generation at risk. The Trust wanted to use its Lost Generation campaign to capture the general public’s imagination and position the charity as a real option for young people – giving hope to many in need of support. We are delighted with how the adverts have turned out and want to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to our pro bono agency, CHI & Partners, and to Clear Channel and Communisis for donating advertising space and printing respectively.

Watch the 'Making Of' video

Twenty five- year-old Jarred King from Mitcham, who agreed to be painted from head to foot to blend into a Southwark stairwell, said:

The Prince’s Trust helped me to set up my own business,, so it’s a real privilege to help spread the word about its work. I grew up in an area where a lot of young people were out of work and had lost their way in life, but l bucked the trend with help from The Trust. The charity is there for a generation affected by very worrying levels of unemployment and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Other backdrops for the advertisements included tower blocks in Kennington Park and an estate in Loughborough.

CHI started working with The Prince’s Trust in 2005.

Sarah Clark, Planning Partner at CHI&Partners said “It’s a genuine honour to be involved with The Prince's Trust, and part of bringing this new campaign to life. It's never been more important to tell their story, and the stories of the many young people that need the nation's help and support right now.

"We wanted to dramatise the very real threat of our young people becoming a ‘Lost Generation’ by using a very simple and engaging visual technique. Working with real young people in the ads, who thankfully have received help through education, training and employment via The Prince's Trust, made the process all the more powerful for us, and hopefully for the public too.

Without the support of The Prince's Trust, these young people too might have been lost.

Advertising space was kindly donated by Clear Channel and printed at no cost by Communisis as part of ongoing charitable partnerships with the companies.

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