November 2008

ASDAN Joint Partnership

As part of the DCSF £3.8 million grant awarded to Fairbridge in March of this year Fairbridge began working in partnership with ASDAN to develop awards and accreditation in all eleven Fairbridge teams based in England.

The Youth Sector Development Fund was established by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) to support third sector organisations who work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to increase the capacity and quality of their delivery. Fairbridge was one of just five organisations chosen to pilot this programme and lead the way in improving outcomes for young people.

The partnership will comprise three phases, the first phase, which started in April 2008 and is now complete was a research and review process undertaken by ASDAN of Fairbridge’s current activity in relation to awards and accreditation for young people. The second phase will include a range of training and workshops for operational staff in teams based in England. The final phase will consist of ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the improvements have been made is fully bedded down and running smoothly.

ASDAN’s Regional Development Co-ordinator, Andrew Cox said:

ASDAN are very pleased to be working together with Fairbridge. Our partnership with Fairbridge will involve running a comprehensive programme of training for all the England based centres recognising the particular aims ands needs of each centre and devising a programme to suit them. We will train staff to [enable young people to] enjoy all the wonderfully stimulating activities offered to them at Fairbridge, but also build up evidence of the skills that they have used and receive nationally recognised awards and qualifications. This is an exciting partnership that allows ASDAN and Fairbridge to work together to their shared aims. Most importantly, there will be great benefit to the young people concerned whose achievements will be fully recognised and nationally validated.

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